Common Problems

Common Garage Door Problems

We realize how busy people are, and sometimes can’t be there to go over the Safety Features and Warranty Information with the installer. To avoid a possible service charge for things that are not covered under the warranty, please refer to the following, or refer to your Owners Manual:


No Power to the Opener:

  1. Check the breakers.
  2. Check the outlet for power.
  3. Check light switch: Does it also control power to the opener?
  4. Overheated, unplug, wait 30 minutes. Plug back in.
  5. Is vacation lock-out on?



Door Goes Down Part Way, Then Reverses And Or Lights Flashing:

  1. Check alignment of photo eyes. Both should be lit.
  2. Is anything crossing the beam in front of the photo eyes (rope, cobwebs, sunlight)?



Remote And Or Keypad Not Working:

  1. Check batteries.
  2. Re-program.
  3. Check vacation lock-out.
  4. Too many codes already in memory.



Wall Pad And Photo Eyes Are Lit/Opener Has No Power:

  1. Power Surge. Unplug from outlet for 5 minutes, plug back in.



Door Goes Down, Back Up. Door Goes Up, Back Down:

  1. Adjust limits (see Owner’s Manual). Limits are set correct at install.



Door Opens And Closes On Its Own:

  1. Check to see that none of your neighbors are on the same frequency.
  2. Is a satellite dish located within 5 feet of opener head?
  3. Check your extra remote: Are any being activated in a purse or drawer?



Door Makes A Popping Noise:

  1. Have you painted the door?



Rollers Out Of The Track Or Cables Slipped/Loose:

  1. Did the door come down on something?



Door Sits Crooked In Opening:

  1. Possible slipped/broken cable. Call for Service. Do not attempt to adjust.



Door Only Opens A Few Inches Then Stops:

  1. Possible broken spring, call for service. Do not attempt to adjust.




Do not push too hard on the wall pad button

Photo eyes are very sensitive. DO NOT BUMP

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